Travel With Baby- 5 Tips To Conquer Warm Weather

We conquered traveling to Texas in May with an eight-month-old!!

It was our first vacation with the munchkin, and there were soooo many things to consider.  The flight, having enough clothes, making sure we had toys (aka distractions), figuring out nap time on the go, the car seat… and of course, the heat.

Given that we are from the Seattle area and haven’t had a sunny day in what feels like ages, going to a warmer climate had some special considerations.

And while the weather was technically pleasant at 80 or so most days, we spent a few warmer days adventuring out in the sun.

So I’ll share my 5 tips for surviving warm weather travel with your baby.

1.  Pack Light Clothing (For You and Baby)

Sleeveless onesies, tank tops, shorts, and light rompers were par for the course every day. I stuck with shorts and a light weight shirt.

My baby doesn’t appreciate being put down much, and mama is her favorite holder, so I made sure to dress light.  You and baby can overheat pretty quickly.  And really, sweaty babies and mamas are just not fun.

2.  Baby-Wearing

As stated above, my baby doesn’t like being put down.  So baby-wearing was pivotal for me even though it was warmer.  It’s a great travel convenience in that you don’t have to lug around a stroller and you are hands-free!

My structured Tula was awesome at the airport!  I was able to hand off my needed documents and boarding pass, lug around my baggage, and I didn’t even have to go through the weird security x-ray machine.  Just walked right through the metal detector with my baby strapped on.

During our outing to a Renaissance Faire, I sought out lots of shade and took breaks. It was nice to plop baby down on a blanket in the grass so our bellies could cool off.

While there I invested in a gorgeous parasol. Boy was that thing perfect!! I highly recommend something like a parasol or umbrella to keep the sun off the baby while you are baby-wearing. Sun hats and sunscreen only go so far.

3.  Stroller With Good Shade

Much to my dismay our little umbrella stroller we purchased for our trip didn’t cut it with the hot Texas sun. It hardly provided any shade, and the baby wanted nothing to do with it as she wanted to be held anyway.

However, I did notice other parents using much nicer strollers that provided adequate shade for their little ones.

So, if you know that a nice shady stroller will appease your munchkin, then bring that bad boy along with you.  There are also means of renting strollers and other baby gear while traveling as well!  Check out GoBaby, it’s a peer to peer rental marketplace, much like Airbnb for rentals while traveling.  I didn’t learn about this resource until after our trip, but totally would have used it for the day if I had known!

4.  Blankets!

They are more than just cozy for night time!!

I used blankets during our longer car rides to block the sun coming through the window. Rig that puppy up on one side of the car seat, you’ll provide shade and a dimmer environment to help the little one get some sleep.

Another great use for blankets is to cover the car seat when you leave the car. The sun beaming down can heat the car seat up quick.  So this is a great tip if you can remember to do it. It’ll save you some time as you blast the AC to try and cool everything down before plopping baby down.

Blankets also came in handy while baby-wearing.  Find a patch of grass or somewhere for the baby to sit and cool off, preferably under a nice shady tree.

5.  Water.  Lots And Lots Of Water

Staying hydrated is a good idea in general, but especially important if you’re breastfeeding and your munchkin is over six-months old.

I was downing water to get hydrated because I knew it would effect my milk supply.

I also allowed the baby to drink right from the water bottle. She took to it and motioned for more every time. It also makes a great toy when it’s empty.
So there you are!!

My 5 tips for combating that warm weather when you’re brave enough to travel with a baby. Because it’s seriously a feat! But worth it!!

Safe travels!







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