It’s Not A Resolution If You Call It Something Else!

Hello and Happy New Year!

I’ve been noticeably absent over the past few months. I decided to take a break to attend to my sanity… no really, I was very depressed. But I’m ready to renew my quest to blog. Call it a New Years GOAL. It’s not a New Years Resolution if you call it something else after all, right?

Where I’ve Been

Like I said, a few months back I got very overwhelmed. I felt like I was attending to way too much stuff and I wasn’t in a headspace to deal with anything other than work and home. I had a baby that wanted and needed my attention and working full time was not accommodating that in a healthy manner. And working full-time against my desire not to was eating away at my well being because I felt angry and stuck.

I felt trapped by my circumstances, and I was trying to grasp at anything and everything that might bring me some freedom from my financial prison. Starting a blog seemed to be that avenue, but the task has been so overwhelming. And I could never seem to find the time. So it was time to back off and focus on what was important. My self and my family.

And boy did that give me healing and clarity.

Where I’m Going

Taking a load off of an overwhelmed heart and mind really is a healing thing.

It allowed me the freedom to simply be for once. Instead of constantly focusing on how to get out of where I am. Being content in the now allowed me to really get a good grasp of where I want to go.

So I feel I have renewed focus, and not just with this blog. Quite honestly I’m not sure where the blog fits in right now, but I feel that maintaining it is important. No, my renewed focus is on my artwork.

You see, I have a natural talent for drawing and illustrating and am self taught. I’ve ventured into graphic design and illustration over the last few years and am really feeling like I need to pursue this avenue as a business. I’ve daydreamed about opening up my own Etsy store and working on my designs as my child plays all around me.

Well this is the year.

I have a child memory book that I created for my daughter for her first birthday. I love the idea so much that I’m currently working on three unique designs to have as downloadable purchases through Etsy. I’m knee deep into the first design as of now, and my goal is to open an Etsy store in the spring. I hope to have other ideas as well, but for now, I’m trying to only focus on one thing at a time.

For once since going back to work after maternity leave, I have hope. I have hope to find a way to make a living that doesn’t require me to stay working full time. I see myself working in my home as my daughter comes and goes under my feet, coming up to me for her check in hugs every so often.

I see myself building something I pour my talent and heart into. And finally, use my God-given talent for art in a way that impacts families in some way!

I’m not sure what it will build into, but I’m looking forward to simply even walking the path in front of me. I think God has been setting me in this direction for quite some time and I’m feeling at peace with following Him. This was not true for most of 2017. All I inevitably had to do was Be Still for a bit and let Him open up the path through all the chaos I was listening to instead.

So for once, I have goals for this new year. Not resolutions, because those have a bad reputation for being broken. But goals to walk the path the Lord is laying out for me. And goals to DO it… just simply DO the work.  Because imagine how much you’d get done if you stop thinking about doing it, and just DO it!

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