I See You – A Love Letter To Working Mama Me

Dear Working Mama Me,

I write to you from the comfort of my cozy bed during the evening embrace of a sleeping child to let you that know I see you.

I see you wake up at 6am and spend the next hour getting the baby back to sleep so that she gets the rest she needs. Even though you’re exhausted from waking up three times last night you get out of bed.  It’s time to start the day.  But all you want is to be near your baby.

I see you rush to work early just to get a pumping session in before you start your shift. You know your coworkers understand all your breaks, but you still want to ease their burden.  And you need to make time for that extra pumping session somewhere.

Speaking of pumping, I see you when you channel your inner dairy cow in a depressing room every day, multiple times a day. You pump, massage, squeeze to get just a little more. The supply has dropped since returning to work, so just one more ounce is a reason to celebrate!

Oh working mama me, I see you when the supply drop causes the little one frustration. Your freezer stash is also nearly depleated.  You start feeling depressed… and as if you’re failing her.

I see you plugging along at your work day in and day out.  Trying to stay on track, to stay focused. But all you can feel is longing to hold the munchkin again, to kiss her cheeks and make her smile.

I see you relieved, finally to be home from work and you rush to change clothes while the baby fusses for you. She’s hungry and missed mama… hurry up with that bra already!  No time to shower or wind down. It’s only 30 minutes before bedtime after all.

Working mama me, I see how sad you get on the weekends because you know your time is short with the little one. Even though you don’t have much ‘me’ time and it’s a lot of work, you would trade your job to be a stay at home mom life in a heartbeat if you could.

Speaking of ‘me’ time, I see you when you choose to stay home with the baby on weekends over hanging out with friends. There are only so many hours you get before Monday comes around again.  You need all the snuggles you can get.

Dear working mama me, know that you’re amazing! Know that the munchkin will be OK, even though everything in you says she needs her mom. Know that God has a plan and He hasn’t forgotten about you.


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