All Journeys Require a First Step

Hello! My name is Kameron and this is my first blog post.
I started this blog essentially because I know I’m not alone in this crazy journey of motherhood. Over the past four months (tomorrow is my daughter’s 4 month “birthday”) I’ve sought answers to soooo many questions by googling, pinning, commenting and seeking out in person (I know! In person??? Scandalous!) Because quite frankly i have no flippin’ idea what I’m doing! As a first time mom I’ve learned I’m not alone in this thinking. Many of us are simply meandering through using trial by fire techniques to help our babies survive. With hopes that they even thrive and become functional… and maybe, just maybe… well adjusted adults.

At this moment my daughter is drifting off to dream land by the best means we know how… nursing. Now this post isn’t about nursing, but just doing research on nursing and sleep has led me to so many answers of “how it should be done”. I had no idea the two such very basic human needs of food and sleep were so controversial! Searching for fact based answers is oh so difficult when each parent has a different belief and each baby is unique to the way they respond to their little worlds.

I have often found myself in forums that discuss feeding and nursing with topics that include: nursing in public; people’s negative comments and downright ugly responses to breastfeeding in public; breast is best vs. formula; mothers who feel guilty because they can’t nurse; mothers defending their choices to formula feed; feeding on demand vs. on a schedule; photos of women breastfeeding their babies to help normalize the natural process… it goes on and on! It’s all wonderful information but man is it overwhelming! Sometimes the information helps to validate my instincts on how I am parenting. And sometimes I’m left feeling guilty over my choices and am left to ponder if I’m setting my child up for some future failure. Like nursing to sleep. What a debated topic!

My goal in this blog is to offer information and encouragement to moms (and I’m sure dads can benefit too). You know, during those half awake nights when you’re awake nursing for the third time in three hours. Or when you’re pacing the floor of your tiny apartment with your baby over one shoulder… is that just me?? When it comes to these various mommy issues I’m a huge researcher. I like to understand the ins and outs and every why associated with something so that I can make an informed choice. Other times I go with my gut… because even research has shown that our mommy instincts are there for a very good reason.

This journey is difficult. But I hope I can be a beacon of empowerment for your weary mommy souls! Because you are pretty freaking amazing and need to remember you are doing a fantastic job with those little ones whose eyes beam with joy every time they see your face! Now put down this blog, turn your camera phone onto your gorgeous face and tell yourself “I’m an awesome mom!” Totally do this if you’re a dad too.

I look forward to exploring this state of mombiehood with you!

I wish for you at least 5 whole hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight and may God bless you on your journey.

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